Quantity Sync is a legacy feature that is not available to new customers. Other than maintenance, there will be no future improvements to this feature

How does Quantity Sync work?

Our inventory management add-on called Quantity Sync will keep your available quantities in sync across your listings based on the settings you specify. Informed will track each sale and update the quantities on your listings so that as soon as a sale occurs on one marketplace, Informed will immediately update the listings on your other marketplaces that share the same SKU.

Each SKU has an available quantity that can be easily updated at any time. When the available quantity changes, your listings are immediately updated. You can choose to allocate the bulk of your available quantity to a specific marketplace or distribute it evenly across all marketplaces. When available quantity goes to zero, your live listings will immediately be ended. 

Once activated, you can choose what you'd like to sync per marketplace.

  • Quantity sync can be found when clicking the user icon and selecting "Add-On".
  • This feature can be enabled/disabled anytime when accessing the "Add-On" page within your account.
  • For an additional flat monthly cost, this add-on can be applied to any subscription.
  • For MFN items only, FBA inventory is predetermined by Amazon.

Important to know:

  • Inventory accuracy: Before enabling Quantity Sync, to ensure complete accuracy, please make certain that all available quantities for your listings are up to date to avoid any type of mismatches on your marketplace.
  • FBA Inventory: The inventory for FBA listings cannot be updated in Informed since FBA inventory is predetermined and is not included in the available inventory you set. Enabling Quantity Sync has no effect on your FBA inventory and we does not have the ability to end any FBA listings.
  • Handling Time: Handling Time (Amazon specific) can only be set in Informed if this feature is enabled for your marketplace. Once enabled you must always set your handling time in Informed. Amazon requires us to send a value for handling time when making any changes to your available inventory. If your handling days are not set, we will set your handling days to the Amazon (0-2) or account-wide default.
  • Pending Orders: Pending orders are always depleted from your available inventory and never restored automatically. You must manually replenish your available inventory to account for any pending orders that were not completed. Cancelled orders that were initially downloaded as completed will also be deducted from your available inventory amount. We do not receive notification that the order has been cancelled and will not increase your available amount to account for it.

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