Choose How to Reprice Against Your Competition

This allows you to specify the percentage or dollar amount you wish to be repriced against your current competition. It is important to understand how settings will interact with each other and the outcome of your price.

  • Price Below: Puts your price lower than your competition.
  • Price Above: Puts your price higher than your competition.
  • Match Price: Matches your price with your competition.

General Pricing Rule

When your Amazon and FBA rules are not enabled, this will be your universal repricing rule of how you will compete with your direct competitors.

Amazon-Specific Pricing Rule

Compete Differently against FBA: When this setting is enabled, this will allow you to compete differently against an FBA seller, including Amazon, if you do not enable the Amazon pricing rule.

Compete Differently against Amazon: If Amazon is a main competitor on your listings, enabling this setting allows you to compete against Amazon differently than all other sellers.


  • When enabling the Amazon and FBA rule, your General pricing rule will then apply specifically to your MFN competition.
  • Your General repricing rule applies to both FBA and MFN competition when setting an Amazon pricing rule.
  • If your competition type is set to "All", we will select the pricing rule that will put you at the most competitive price, not necessarily based on the lowest seller on the listing.
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