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How to automate/host a file in Informed Repricer

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Uploads can be automated by hosting the upload file on your own server and providing Informed Repricer with the URL through a Custom Sync integration. This allows us to automate various updates or price revisions into our system. 

Simply enter the URL of your file in the Settings section of the app and we will automatically upload your changes based on the schedule that you specify. We offer frequencies of 1, 12 or 24 hours. Your automation will begin from the time your settings were saved and we do not offer the ability to set a specific time frame. 

Please make sure that your file is either .csvor .txt format. It is important to keep this file up to date.


  • Custom Sync files have an file size limit of 100mb, any file that exceeds this size will not be processed

  • If a SKU is listed more than once in the hosted file, our system will use whatever data is set last (furthest row) for that SKU

  • To verify that you file is successfully hosted and will upload to our system, enter the File URL in your browser menu. Your file should automatically download to your computer; if not, your file may not be hosted correctly or the URL may be invalid.

Where to enter your URL

Once logging in, click the Integrations sections under your account, then select "Custom Sync". In the pop-up you can enter your URL.

HTTP and FTP servers

Files can be pulled from HTTP and FTP servers. Both HTTPS and FTPS are supported, but SFTP is not. When using an FTP server, the URL should be formatted as

Password authentication is supported for FTP servers but not HTTP servers. If your FTP is authenticated, you can click "Toggle Advanced Options" to add a username and password. Files hosted on an HTTP server can only be imported if they do not require authentication.

IMPORTANT: Uploaded files must match the information and specifications provided in our Upload Templates article 

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