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Understanding the Start Guide

A brief overview of your Start Guide

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Step 1: Add Your Marketplace

To get started, you can add your Amazon or Walmart marketplace to begin downloading listings into your Informed Repricer account. If you have multiple marketplaces, we suggest starting with one until we get things up and running!

Once your marketplace has been downloaded, we will automatically populate your account with your listings. Amazon listings will typically download within 30-45 minutes, and Walmart listings within 60 minutes.

Step 2: Choose Strategy

The strategy selection will determine how your items are going to reprice. The initial strategy you create will become the default for your marketplace, meaning all new listings pulled in from that marketplace will be assigned to this strategy. You can always update your default strategy on the marketplaces page.

You can learn more about which strategy to choose in this article.

Step 3: Add Price Rules

You can set up your min & max prices in Informed Repricer. It's important to note that to reprice your listings, they will need a minimum price.

You can either add a cost price in order to have us calculate a min & max price for you, or you can manually enter min & max prices in bulk via an upload/integration or by editing listings on the Listings Page.

You can read more about price rules by scrolling down to Step 3 here.

Step 4: Enable Repricing

After your listings have been added, you've assigned a strategy and set a min price then it's time to start repricing. You will just need to click the green "enable repricing" button found at the top of your Informed Repricer account.

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